Top 10 Best New Games for Android & iOS in October 2022 | (Offline/Online)

A bountiful choice of great games for mobile phones in the Play Store how do you decide which mobile games to download this October.

If you’re anything like us you know only too well that feeling of download regret but don’t worry we’re here to make it a thing of the past with our hand-picked list of the best new Android and iOS games available so without further A do let’s kick it.

Hazmob FPS

Hazmob FPS tazmob is an online multiplayer FPS shooting game in this game you can fight in a 5 vs 5 multiplayer PVP battle mode like Counter-Strike.

Also, the game features Deathmatch Team Deathmatch and single-player campaign mode single-player campaign mode is offline so you can play this game without the internet.

If you like first-person shooter games I recommend this game to you.

Road Redemption

Road Redemption the spiritual successor to road rash is out now for Android and iOS. albeit with a significant visual degradation If you’re unfamiliar with the title, Road Redemption is a racing combat game in which you smack, shoot, and kick rival bikers as you ride to victory. It’s a fun concept, but the attempt to capitalise on nostalgia falls short.

The controls and racing mechanics feel smooth overall Road Redemption is a disappointing experience in which its Reliance on Nostalgia isn’t enough to save it from data graphics and repetitive gameplay but if you like racing games give this game a chance.

Go to car driving 4

Go to car driving 4 is a new open-world game about a man whose life is full of situations where you have to save animals such as cats In this game you can buy and drive your favorite Vehicles like a jetpack plane helicopter.

The big streets of the city allow the cars of the future to move at a very high speed. it can also use structures overall go to car driving 4 is a good game but it needs more development to be a great game.


ATSS 2 is a free-to-play offline shooting game the game is designed to It should be realistic and challenging, but it should also have some fun elements to make it more enjoyable. The best part is that you can play this game without needing to connect to the internet.

No Wi-Fi or data is required for playing this awesome shooting game it’s free to download and free to play with in-app purchases.

The game has good graphics with easy controls if you like third-person shooter games I recommend this game to you.

Dark Throne: The queen Rises

Dark Throne the queen Rises is a mobile Slasher in which you choose one of three characters without the ability to change appearance and gender then without any hint of a video installation and the plot you find yourself in a dungeon with one NPC and a portal that takes you to the dungeon in it the main task is to destroy all the monsters.

The game Dark Throne the Queen Rises is free to download from the Play Store and is accessible on other platforms as well.

Whether you should try it it’s up to you to me it feels like the game was built around the idea of Nfts but was never finished perhaps at later stages the game introduces new Dungeons and some variety but not in the first hour.

Football League 2023

Football League 2023 is an offline 3D football game the game features over 100 national teams and 330 clubs. fully customizable tactics and formations multi-language narration and full controller support.

Overall Football League 2023 is a good offline football game for mobile devices.

Car driving online

Car driving online is an open World Car Simulator game for mobile devices with stunning Graphics highly realistic physics online multiplayer mode and the free roam open-world mode.

Car Driving online offers fun gameplay also you can customize your character build and buy houses and you can fine-tune and customize just about everything in and on your car if you’re looking for realistic and exciting car driving and racing Simulator game I highly recommend this game to you.

The last Maverick raft

The last Maverick and original story-driven free Survival game. the game will take you on a ride to the deep ocean waters set in a beautiful steampunk open world.

You find yourself a Lone Survivor on a raft in the infinite Pacific Ocean, where you must endure hunger, thirst, tiredness, vicious sharks, and underwater predators.

Explore Tropical Islands and hidden dungeons gather resources to craft weapons and armor upgrade your raft and evolve your hero, if you are a Survival Game Fan you should check this game out.

Truck simulator online

Online truck simulator is a fun racing game for mobile devices. The foundation of gaming is player interaction and multiplayer entertainment.

The project is set in the modern days and this setting is quite suitable also this project draws inspiration from genres like the open world we know for sure that the gameplay and Truck Simulator online will be aimed at multiplayer with the ability to choose and buy tractors of different Rarity plus travel to different continents.

If you like games about truckers then the truck simulator online mobile game should be a new break in the genre.

Parking Master multiplayer 2

Parking Master multiplayer 2 is a parking simulator as the name suggests. there are different and almost licensed cars the gameplay is split into different levels with varying difficulty but the goal is simple park your car in the designated zone.

Parking Master multiplayer 2 doesn’t have realistic physics or sounds but it’s still a blast to try your skills.

There are different options for driving also you can adjust the graphics settings to suit your device the best thing about parking Master multiplayer 2 are the car models they look realistic and represent different areas of Auto.

The most General Vehicles can be bought with earned money from missions but the best ones are locked behind the paywall.

Overall parking Master multiplayer 2 is great looking fun to play Car Simulator game bonus games metacity.

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